Friday, December 10, 2010

Snapshots of Life and Soul

It will never cease to amaze me how a picture can evoke such strong emotion. This year, we are giving photographs as Christmas gifts to our family. In the midst of contemplating the various pictures, I recognized that I have a major project to attend to in the upcoming New Year – actually printing out all of the digital images I have let sit on my hard drive for the past several years. That will be quite an undertaking!

Anyway, while I was quickly glancing through the myriad of picture folders on my laptop, I opened up a few of them to take a peek. Once I did that, I couldn’t resist looking in the next folder and the next…which turned into a two-hour trip down memory lane.

Sometimes I forget all that we’ve been through. Don’t get me wrong…there’s been a lot of good. But, there’s also been a lot of not-so-good. A lot. Looking through those reminders of life is a very emotional experience for me.

I was right back to the moment when Ryan was proudly lining up his toys, before we understood what that meant.  I have lots of pictures of him posing with lined up toys and singular stacks of Legos. 

I looked at Kyle learning how to eat, before we knew what effect those foods would have on his personality and body.   

I recalled Christmas 5 years ago when my husband was undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma, and I was juggling a little baby who wouldn’t sleep and a rambunctious toddler who wore me out. My husband had to wear a heavy-duty surgical mask while at home with us, since we were all sick pretty much the entire time he was receiving chemo.

I remembered those family members who are no longer with us.  Many tears were shed as I looked through the images of all of the people I love and what we’ve done together over the years.

I cherished the moments of joy. Thank God for pictures that evoke spontaneous laughter!  The lesson I learned here: little boys and full bottles of powder do not mix!

I love the many happy times we’ve captured and the joy we’ve experienced in those moments. This year has been pretty good, in the grand scheme of things. My husband found a job, and he’s coming up on his 5-year anniversary of being cancer-free. And, my kids continue to make astounding progress.

We have pictures to prove it! Good pictures! Gift-worthy pictures!

In October, I was lucky enough to have Dana Napoleon of Dana Napoleon Photography do a photo shoot with my boys. Any parent of a special needs child knows that taking a decent picture is almost completely impossible. The pictures she took of my boys are amazing.

She captures the light in a gorgeous way.

Through the lens, she highlights personality.

When a person's soul is conveyed in the photograph, you have art.

Through Dana's lens, our boys have become artwork for Christmas.  What a wonderful present to give!  However, adding these pictures to the snapshot stack of our life is truly a gift to me.
I hope you have a very blessed holiday season!

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  1. Love ALL the photos! They really do tell quite a story. So proud of those two guys!!!!!!!!